The Road Most Traveled

“Honey, there’s a crazy running guy in the front, drinking from our hose. And he’s talking to himself too, something about freedom…” You gotta love a story like that right, so the name stuck […]

The story behind the nickname “crazy running guy,” my Automattic colleague Joe Boydston. Via The road most traveled — crazy running guy.

Eyeball Earth

Next time you’re under the stars at night, looking up at the Milky Way, just think of all those stares in your direction. Perhaps even literally. Who knows, in that habitable strip on Proxima b, somebody might be aiming a telescope at us, to check whether our rock has an atmosphere.


Interesting read on the Strange Maps blog about the possibly habitable exoplanet: Proxima Centauri b: What Does the ‘Earth Next Door’ look like?

(Photo credit: Beau.TheConsortium.)